10yrs trading, 30%+ p.a. and only $40M?

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  1. I know a fund that has been trading for 10yrs, returning +30% per year, and yet, only has $40M AUM...? What could be stopping these guys from raising serious cash?
  2. marketing.....or they just don't want any more funds knowing that it'll decrease the returns
  3. And who would this fund be?

    And is this thread part of their new marketing effort? :D
  4. MadOff Sure Thing Trading Co Ltd. LLC.
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    People were too busy investing with Madoff, Ospraie, Citadel and other star performers.
  6. maybe you should ask them and not elitetrader?:confused:
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    For all we know maybe they capped the fund because the strategies may not be viable once a certain level of capital is reached.

    Just a thought...
  8. Walter J. Schloss Partnership returns:

    1974 -6.2%
    1975 52.2%
    1976 39.2%
    1977 34.4%
    1978 48.8%
    1979 39.7%
    1980 31.1%
    1981 24.5%
    1982 32.1%
    1983 51.2%

    He did an interview in Feb 2008 - the video is available on the internet somewhere. (It's a great interview, for anyone who finds it.) He doesn't own a computer - searches for stocks out of books published by ValueLine. My impression is that he never managed a terrible amount of money - never branched beyond managing his and a few friends' money. Could be mistaken on that last point.

    Walter doesn't have a college education. He's never visited ET. But he sat next to Buffett when they both worked for Ben Graham.

    *I've lifted these figures from a talk by Buffett given in early 1984. Hence, figures are not updated.
  9. Since Walter is not on Forbes 25 years after those supposed returns he is not what you say he is.

    Time shows the lies.

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