10yr Irish yields at 9.49 %,Spanish at 5.70%,Portuguese at 7.33 %,US at lousy 2.79%

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    So as a pension fund / life insurance fund you are not attracted by 9,49 % yields ? Sure you are ! :cool:
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    would you please post a similar chart for 6 month yields?

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    This probably doesn't directly answer your query, but you can find a lot of good Bloomberg bond charts by doing a Google search for:

    Bloomberg [Country name] [duration]

    eg. a search for

    Bloomberg Spain 10 year

    gives the following link as the first result:

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    thx m22au

    <img src="http://blogs.reuters.com/felix-salmon/files/2010/11/cid_image001.jpg" alt="cid_image001.jpg" width="560" height="453">
  5. F*ck NO! You must be kiddin', right?
  6. OMMFG!....You're doing the "LTCM Spread"? :confused: :eek: :D :(
  7. Actually, why don't you have Greek 10y up there too? It's even more attractive at arnd 12%... Surely, if you're gonna buy anything, GGBs are where it's at?
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    If we are going down this route, let's see if we can pick up a 1st-to-default basket on a 10y PIIGS CDS basket. Wonder what the spread on that would be these days.

  9. As of now, all is well, haven't you heard? Supposedly US stands ready to help the Eurozone with larger IMF commitments. Greece 10y back to flat vs Bund, nothing to worry about...
  10. can I ask a primitive question:

    Whenever CNBC list the yield of the PIIGS nations, they always shows this:

    Italy 10 year, yield 4.541% 93.968, up 1.067

    Ireland 10 yr. T-note 9.231, down 0.337 -3.52%

    Greece 10 yr. yield 11.946%, 68.388 down 0.097

    What exactly is showing at Ireland? What is 9.231?, and what's -3.52%, don't tell me -3.52% is the yield
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