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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by novais, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. novais


    Has anyone been profitable with 10K investment in last six months (2006) in commodity trading?

    How much have you added in your initial 10K since started?

    Is it possible that you may share your trading plan and journal (free or at cost)?
  2. Allen3


    Duck! Duck! Duck!

    You are going to get slammed. No one on hear gives much advice that will get you profitable. Especially when you ask that way. I've been around hear trying to glean some info for a while. Have gotten some good solid tips on trade management and stops. No trading plans here that I could see. Free is a 4 letter word. Better to lurk and see what others have to say in my opinion. Your just going to have to spend the time and/or money like the rest of us. Welcome to ET.:)

  3. you expect someone to give you what they've spent 4 or 5 years perfecting, lost a SHITLOAD of money on, spent hours and hours pouring over for FREE?

    getta life
  4. I'm always curious to know what would motivate a person to submit a post like this.

    Since you are soliciting for a free handout, would you return the favor by telling us a little about yourself. I would be interested in reading a logical and well reasoned explanation of your thought process leading you to submit the above post.
  5. Do a search for the thread titled "Simple Profitable Method".

    Read every page. Twice.

    That will be a good start for you.