101% sure way to earn 1 pip

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  1. I just need 1 pip per day, any recommendation (other than market maker).
  2. When does the new member give us a link to his magical website?
  3. what magical website?
  4. the trouble with this quest, it just takes the one time it fail to wipe out a long time of work.

    Also, I assume you want to go flat within a 24 hr. period.

    I can imagine the size and the martingale or compounding you fantasize about...

    Michael B.

    P.S. You might compromise with a 1:3 risk to benefit ratio and an expectation to win 30% of the time minimum. You will get your one pip a day indirectly eventually, as time will be on your side. Explore reversing when your wrong and stop as soon as you net one pip overall...your trading session may be short or may be long...but quit as soon as you get your pip. On a terriblly choppy day, you might also have a cut off and quit for the day when this system does not work and take your loss. BUT DEFINE IT BEFOREHAND.
  5. Why would anyone go for just one pip per day? What am I missing?
  6. Well, he wants the 101% way...which is impossible, unless he was in positive interest carry pairs to boot....

  7. Now if he could wait for his one pip a day, I could give him a leveraged risk free way to do it....for a price :)

    Yes I said leveraged and risk free. Each day would accrue 1pip while he waited and time would increasingly be on side with the passing of each day.

    Now how much would that be worth?

    Michael B.

    P.S. the price is guess...one pip a day :)
  8. Electric,

    Knock it off!

  9. What?..tell me this then, why are there 204 views on this thread in such a short period of time, this time of night?
  10. LOL.... I'm a sucker for the title I suppose :p
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