100K trading account?

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    I have not been an active trader, mainly buy and hold and reinvesting dividends since 87. anyhow right now I decided to use the dividends and deposit the cash from the dividends for this year into etrade so I can do a bit of daytrading.

    I should have 100K at the end of the year (Thats what I will get in dividends this year)

    is 100K a a good size for trading on etrade? I do not want to use margin just buy and sell regular stocks like intel,cisco,etc.. name brand stocks nothing weird.

    should 100K be decent enough to play with?
  2. If you're not even sure how much to use for trading, I would think twice about using real money if i were you.
  3. S2007S


    you can use other brokers that are cheaper than etrade.....
  4. 100k just in dividends..wow
  5. 100K is enough. You might want to consider opening a margin account. Otherwise you will have to wait 3 days between trades. Which could cost you money.
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    100k is quite good bucks to lose on the market if you are not expirienced (with buy and hold strategy up to now)
    Take care :confused:
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    $25,000 is more than enough if you are just 'daytrading'

    professionals prop traders only have $5000 deposit or $10,000 if you have 10:1 20:1 intra-day leverage.

  8. prc117f


    I already have a margin account with etrade. I just do not want to use margin just what I have. the problem I have with leverage is that means for every 1 dollar down you are down 20 dollars. Sounds dangerous.

    I figured if I stick to name brand stocks, trade only with money I have and if the stock is lower I just hold till the next day or so and sell when I can profit.

  9. 100k is fine. You should get 4-1 and 2-1 overnight margin. For a retail acct
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    Based on your two posts, you have no fucking clue about trading or investing.

    I am not saying this to be mean or inflamatory.

    I am saying this because if you realize that you have no fucking clue, you might put in the work to get a clue.

    In the meantime, trade with very small size for 6 months in order to discover that indeed you have no fucking clue.

    This is actually a helpful post to you.

    I wish you the best.

    It would be interesting if you report back to this thread in 12 months.
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