100K to 133.14159K in 361 Days

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  1. Starting capital: 100K "account" at ProFunds.

    Starting capital split into 3 "sub-accounts":
    A) 55000 dedicated to trading 'Nasdaq 100' based funds.
    B) 30000 dedicated to trading 'Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index' based funds.
    C) 15000 dedicated to trading 'Dow Jones Precious Metals Index' based funds.

    Money Market funds will accumulate no interest.

    Positions for Monday:
    A) $55000 cash
    B) $20000 SNPIX (short), $5000 cash
    C) $5000 SPPIX (short), $10000 cash
  2. Math mistake. Make that $10000 cash in account B.
  3. Trades for Tuesday:
    A) $25000 to SOPIX (short)
    B) No trade.
    C) All of SPPIX to cash.
  4. Trades for Wednesday:
    A)$10000 cash to SOPIX (short)
    B) No trade.
    C)$10000 cash to SPPIX (short)
  5. Trades for Thursday:
    A) All funds to cash.
    B) $10000 to cash.
    C) All funds to cash.
  6. Trades for Friday:
    A) $20000 to SOPIX (short).
    B) All funds to cash.
    C) $8000 to SPPIX (short)
  7. Trades for Monday:
    A) $10000 to cash.
    B) $15000 to ENPIX (long).
    C) No trade.
  8. Week 1 Results:
    Account A:

    Return: +2.18%
    AME*: .291
    ^NDX: -3.22%
    Account B:
    Return: +0.61%
    AME*: .472
    ^DJUSEN: -3.64%
    Account C:
    Return: +8.15%
    AME*: .298
    ^DJGSP: -7.38%
    Return: +2.61%
    ^DWC: -4.04%

    *AME = Average Market Exposure
  9. Trades for Tuesday:
    A) Close short position. $15000 to OTPIX (long)
    B) $5000 from ENPIX (long) to cash.
    C) Close short position.
  10. Why pi?
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