100bps cut next meeting?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ivanovich, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. I was surfing my news feeder and saw this blurb:

    WTF? Is that accurate? Is a 100bps rate cut being priced in at the moment?
  2. That's a scary thought. Holy hell.
  3. dinoman


    I wish they would just cut the rate to 0 and get it over with. Not that it matters or will help anyone.

    Just cut to 0 and move towards a tightening bias. Then they can STFU and go crawl in a hole.
  4. heh

    funny, but true
  5. 100 basis points by June
  6. As crazy as it sounds, hell, they may as well do it.

    At least it'll be out of the way then.

  7. Wish they crash the markets to zero. End of trading, end of shorting the rallies, and all of this negativity , doom and gloom. No more, go eat dry grass and peel bark off the trees. You seem to prefer living under someone's rented roof anyhow..why not the stars and bright blue skies ?

    There are lots of forests in US mainland, plenty of food..and bright stars to keep company.
  8. Don't you get tired of singing the same, old, unwanted song?

  9. don't forget that Japan did this some 12 years ago and has never risen since......

    wonder why, inspite of their high savings rate....

    Americans (when you count investmet in home, and other durable goods) save as much and more than other countries citizens.....

    just not in cash assests.....
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