$100B hedge fund

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  1. With all those guys, I'd like to see him try to do this! (scroll down to the platform snapshot towards the bottom.)

    $1758.84 in 26 days. That is an average of $67.647 a day. Projected, that is $24,691.40 in a year.

    24.69% with less than .5% (current) drawdown!

    Beating Standard & Poor's 500 average of 9.6% by over 15%!

    I highly doubt he and his team of scientists could do that well trading strictly currencies!

    And it's only me trading!


    fxscalper [/B][/QUOTE]

    I noticed you posted the screenshot that is your Oanda GAME account. Do this with some real money and then, and only then, we can have a decent conversation
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  2. Muahahaha :D

    Truly is an amazing article though. This is the way a hedge fund should be run.
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    I sure wish I was as smart as some people think they are, and I'm not talking about Simons or his crew.
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  4. He didn't trade strictly forex.

    Besides, I expect to earn more than 24.69% by the end of the 12-month trading period.

    And, remember, I'm only one guy. He has 60 guys.
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  5. who said I wanted to have a "decent conversation" with you?
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  6. Grow up.
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    Yep. Jim Simons is onto something. He's probably the most successful quant fund EVER! There are lots of so called quant funds out there. A la LTCM. Or even lesser well known ones.

    All of them are rather unoriginal. Using off the shelf standard stuff you can find in finance journals or even published books.

    These guys are really at the cutting edge. They are definitely onto something and keep such a low profile. They used to have a webpage. Then they made their webpage less accessible. Now, they took off the webpge. There's nothing. Zippo. And they are not arrogant like the LTCM crowd. Who knew nothing of risk management and just swing size using pretty old strategies or even standard strategies.
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    I think Citadel is in the same league. But after that, it really drops off.

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  9. Exactly, I don't get why some funds hire academic prima donnas. All they want to do is to "prove" *their* research is so hot and brilliant, but how much money do they expect to make using stuff everyone else knows already.

    I don't know any people there but I had a brief conversation once with a newly hired physics phd, the guy was polite, nice and quiet, seemed hard working and competent. did not sound arrogant at all. but he didn't seem too ambitious either like wanting to strike on his own some day, or expecting huge bonuses down the line. i definitely would like to employ this guy LMAO.
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