1005 Fridays Daytrade/Swingtrades Win Win!

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Enrico D, May 15, 2003.

  1. Enrico D

    Enrico D

    Well, that was pretty easy buy from INTU off the resistance area ,posted on wednesday.

    BLDP remains on the radar.


    I would like to see GILD push through the resistance of 49.25 for a greater move up.

    SANM also through 6.10 will create a nice long

    FLEX -through 9.75 for a long, with an eye on this for push and hold

    AMTD early in the week for a long candidate, 52 highs were slicing right through today.

    KG also below 13 was an easy target as that 13.50 started its push

    GILD 49 +

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    05-15-03 12:51 AM
    1004 Thursday Swing daytrade


    INTU ---short off 41.00 long off 41.75

    BLDP premarket I look for a push over resistance

    AAPL short off 18.20


    KG - Still long from mid 12's now 12.90-13.00 I look for 15.00 overall. Stop is 12.00

    WWCA 12.00 overall view now trading at 9.00 stop is 8.00
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    How did the trades work out?
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    WTF B1? You run out of unread threads in the queue and are now hunting?

    You don't win any ET awards on this one, because it was on purpose, this 20-YO bump.