1005 Fridays Daytrade/Swingtrades Win Win!

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  1. Enrico D

    Enrico D

    Well, that was pretty easy buy from INTU off the resistance area ,posted on wednesday.

    BLDP remains on the radar.


    I would like to see GILD push through the resistance of 49.25 for a greater move up.

    SANM also through 6.10 will create a nice long

    FLEX -through 9.75 for a long, with an eye on this for push and hold

    AMTD early in the week for a long candidate, 52 highs were slicing right through today.

    KG also below 13 was an easy target as that 13.50 started its push

    GILD 49 +

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    05-15-03 12:51 AM
    1004 Thursday Swing daytrade


    INTU ---short off 41.00 long off 41.75

    BLDP premarket I look for a push over resistance

    AAPL short off 18.20


    KG - Still long from mid 12's now 12.90-13.00 I look for 15.00 overall. Stop is 12.00

    WWCA 12.00 overall view now trading at 9.00 stop is 8.00