1002 Tuesday Outlook

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  1. Enrico D

    Enrico D

    Dow: 8726.7 (+122.1) NYSE Tick: +859 Trin: 0.39 Vol: 1359.95M

    Nasdaq: 1541.4 (+21.2) Tick: +526 Trin: 0.37 Vol: 1222.38M

    S&P500: 945.1 (+11.70) $SOX: 358.54 (+7.84)

    Tuesday Outlook

    The shuttle has landed right on Supports. NVDA providing a nice short 21.40 pre-market, gave the crownd that this market might retrace.

    Nice buy programs entered as Traders flooded the market. Break point Futures 1155 has to hold so the bears don't set their traps.

    DAYTRADE TUESDAY- If market is strong

    RSAS a push off of 10.30 should continue the climb through 11.00

    FDRY, 12.75 I will go long for a short squeeze.

    AMAT -Long off 15.90 , klac qlgc sympathy movers

    SHORT Candidates

    WFMI I will look for 53.00 to break supports