1001 Monday Daytrade Swingtrade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Enrico D, May 10, 2003.

  1. Enrico D

    Enrico D

    Dow: 8604.6 (+113.4) NYSE Tick: +1072 Trin: 0.77 Vol: 1304.58M

    Nasdaq: 1520.2 (+30.5) Tick: +442 Trin: 0.65 Vol: 1067.76M

    S&P500: 933.4 (+13.14) $SOX: 350.70 (+12.93)


    Thursdays post provided again a well rounded entry off the NVDA upside mark, trailing to final execution at 21.40.

    Genz didn't pullback to that support and held as an inverse through resistance, provided nice upside push. didn't catch the long on this one,next time.

    For MONDAY


    WM (walmart)
    If we have a strong Open I look to enter this @ 40.70 Long

    I look for Short off 18.50 for scalp trade only. High band resistance area

    If it pushes 19.00, I will then look for Long scalp

    AAPL short off 18.00 scalp, Long scalp off 18.50


    I look for short off 381-385 double top

    S (sears) Short off 27.00 , 25.00 support

    Have a pleasant weekend