10000rpm hard drive?

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  1. Does anyone have experience 10k rpm drive? Would you recommend it for a trading PC or the performance gain is marginal at best over the fastest 7200rpm? Thanks!
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    I have the raptor 10k and I've noticed no difference. If I had it over again, I'd save the $100 upgrade.
  3. How bad is the noise from the Raptor? What's your other HDD?
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    no noise difference from my WD 7200rpm HDD. well, at least, you can't hear the drive over the noise from the fan.
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    if you use the harddisk for video streaming, of if the harddisk is for a database server, then you would need a faster access hd.

    for single user? no, that speed wouldn't have made a difference.
  6. But I've heard you get faster bootup and noticeable improvement if you do video encoding with a 10k.
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    That's what I thought (quicker boot times) and was actually considering using a Raptor just for the operating system (thinking that two disks may also help with system stability).
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    Noise level is no difference...........when you buy a car it always was advisable to buy V8 engine over a 6 because even driving around Chicago, LA etc it was nice to know you had the extra power when you need it most. GO faster. .. :)
  9. 2 Drives is cool, but shaing a second of a Cold Reboot??? Is ti really worth the increased noise of a 10K and heat????

    I use 4 Drives, One for OS and Apps, others for Data storage.

    System is QUITE nimble.

    Oh, and they are all SATA Drives......

    Something better than a 10K is 2 7200 Raided together. Most Systems will support RAID boot drives, etc....

    I have seen 95 - 110MB/sec throughput with a dual 7200 RAID array.....

    More than enough speed....
  10. Hard drive is the one bottle neck in any system, there just hasn't been the advances in disk technology there have been in other components

    get the raptor
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