$10000 limit on money market accounts

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    This is very very disconcerting. I heard from a friend he tried to put an amount >10k in a money market, and the bank told him the government limited deposits to 10k/ day.

    There never used to be a limit like this before. Now here is what I think is going on. Deposits do not create instability, but withdrawals do. They limit deposits to 10k/ day so the can limit withdrawals to 10k/ day as well (unconfirmed). Pretty soon we will only be able to take $100 a day out of the bank just like Argentina after the 1 1.

    Does anybody know what the **** is going on? I can't find a single news article on this.
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  3. Money market accounts at any bank I've ever dealt with, including now, are FDIC insured up to the same levels as banking accounts, which is $250,000.00 for each qualified account (until December 31, 2009, when it will revert back to $100,000.00 per account, unless Congress extends the legislation).
  4. Yep.

    I know a guy that tried to take out 7500 yesterday and they refused.

    Might have had something to do with the balance being $1.96 but I think the govt is really behind it.
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  6. There is no such government limit on deposits. The only rule is that cash deposits of $10K or more have to be reported to the government.

    What would supermarkets do with all their cash and checks if they could only deposit $10K a day? How could multiple banks be currently offering jumbo money market accounts with a minimum deposit of $100K?
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    This was for a retirement account. I dunno I will investigate further.
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    do you have link?
    i just withdraw 20K in cash from bank. now-if i want deposit those money back, i have to report?
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    It's no big deal. The bank will either give you the form to fill out, or ask you the questions and fill it for you. Mostly just identification stuff (name, address, ss# etc) and a brief explanation of why for you either want this much cash or have this much cash.

    One day I was going to buy my first new car, and the POS bank wanted to charge me for a cashier's check. So I said FY, give me 16k in ca$h. Only took a few minutes to get the form filled out.
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