1000 vehicles heading our way????

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  1. Anyone else wondering WHY the iraqi's would send an armored division of the Republic guard directly toward our on coming troops? ...Knowing that we have air superiority and will most likely blow everyone one of them up in the middle of the desert long before they encounter our troops I have two scenarios:

    1) The Iraqis are being run by some underarm Lt. commander who is trying to think on the fly because Saddam is dead/injured and he has no idea what he's doing.

    2) These things are loaded with Chem/Bios and after we blow them up and march past them in a couple days ( most likely without masks on) the soldiers will be exposed to these toxins and iraq can claim they never used them, they transported them and were blown up.....

  2. yeah that would make you happy wouldn't it.

  3. eat a bowl mondo....can you just once open your mouth and not have crap dribble out of it??? Im very concerned you ! that's why im very worried and curious at this apparent suicide mission these guys are doing..
  4. I thought you guys were friends... why the sudden antipathy? :confused:
  5. ROFL!!!:D :D :D

    TM... I agree... there is absolutely no reason why the Iraqi troops would try this tactic... especially in clearing weather conditions. Maybe if there was still an intense sandstorm it would even the playing field a bit (from a 35-1 kr to 34-1), but either way it's obviously suicide.

    Then again, Saddam has never cared much about his people or troops. And if there are chemical weapons with them and we blow them up, it's not to hard to predict the wind patterns for the next day or so and go upwind and around the carnage.

  6. He's mad i wouldn't give him a reach around!


    I generally agree with mondo.....i don;t know why he's attacking me all of the sudden.....for the record: I support the war but Im very perplexed by this sudden iraqi move....this morning IRAN of all counties intercepted an IrAQI speed boat filled with explosives.......why would they send armored vehicles into the great wide open knowing they will never meet the us troops???

  7. Well, following the same "ill-conceived and poorly executed" gameplan, I think they might be trying to take out an entire carrier group!
  8. msfe


    or perhaps a crude oil loading facility ?

  9. What!!!???? No cut and paste????? An actual thought????
    granted, a dumb thought with no relevance, but the mere fact you had something on your mind besides the "guardian" shows there is potential for you yet!!! :)
  10. your about to be very unhappy, because we know exactly where they are and where they are headed and the storm is clearing up. B52's and B1's can fly above the storm anyway and use GPS guided bombs on them. They are charging us out of frustration at being hit from the air, and they are about to get hit a lot more from the air.

    Your beloved Iraqi regime is toast.
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