1000 pip move on the GBPUSD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by AshanD, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. AshanD


    I saw on my charting program that a couple days on the GBPUSD (7/26 and 7/27) had a move over 1000 pips before retracing and ending the day close to the open. Since the rest of the chart did not have anything close to this sort of move I thought it was an error. Then I downloaded data for the USDGBP and saw that the same 2 days had that 1000 pip move.

    Did something happen on those days or is my software just buggy? I've never seen just a strange couple of days on the price charts
  2. ssblack


    Where is this price feed from? I don't see this anywhere...
  3. faure


    Your charts must have a bad tick. There's tons of free charting out there to check your prices against.
  4. cable has had a range of roughly 2.0250 to 2.0500.

    this week.

    thats approx 250 pips.

    your info is incorrect.
  5. For today
    and carry trades

    GBPUSD Short at 2.08 to 2.01
    Day's Low 2.05

  6. GaryN


    Where do the brokers get their quotes from? Is there just one main source or a bunch of them. I am watching Oanda and IB and they seldom match.
  7. heh...they are the quote!