1000 on the S&P

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    Whatever is left of my trading account after shorting today's rally says we don't break above it convincingly. It will probably mark the short term top of this overdone rally. Longs just wait until tomorrow's GDP numbers come in at -3.5%. That will crush the recent rally.
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    I dont think it matters what the GDP numbers are, when there is this much power beind global markets bad news is good news and good news is great news. We need to see some kind of blow off top, could a slight run past s$p 1000 be it, we will soon find out.
  3. I continue to be amazed at the amount of people eager to be run over by the market in hopes of calling a top.

    Just buy along and ride the wave. Wave, hell, it's a tsunami. The orgy of risk taking is back, in full swing and won't stop until the rug is pulled out from under it - and the person who does that is going to be one big mofo.
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    Yeah well too bad I am calling a top. The intermediate top is 9250 on the DOW, 1000 on the S&P. I won't be buying those shares from you Ivanovich, you can sell them to someone else.
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    Thank you for your time--Ishmael:)
  6. You can do whatever you want, mate. I hope it works out for you, honestly. I just don't see it happening. If I am wrong, it won't be the first time.

    But I would prefer to make money on the ridiculous surge up than be right for the wrong reason.
  7. Oh, so now you are looking for a "blow-off" top after all of your BEARISH cut and paste articles for the past 200 S&P points?

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    Lets see if this latest auction can push the SPX to 1000+++

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    28B 7 yr at 3.369%

    Rick gave it a "B+"
  10. You watch too much TV. :)

    Bid to Cover was 2.63
    That's all you need
    to know.
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