$1000 into $522,200 in 8 days?! Is this possible?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by ckrieger1, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I recently read an ebook by someone who started with $1000 and turned it into $522,200 in 8 days and 154 trades trading the Thai Baht against the dollar. He also turned $50,000 into $1,138,358.59 in 3 consecutive hours trading the Swedish Kroner against the dollar. This was all using virtual money but this seems very incredible and unbelievable to me. Does anyone know if this is really possible? I am skeptical by nature so I still don't really believe it can be done. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't really know anything at all about how the Kroner and Baht are traded profitably. I saw on one site the spread for the Kroner was 100 pips so it must not be a very liquid currency.
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    Not possible.
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    It's, but so is the lottery... :cool:
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    Doesn't matter what the numbers were: it was funny money.

    About 2 years ago there were several 'trading contest' sites. They were only popular for a while as once you enrolled and tried to trade as you would with real money, you quickly understood that everyone else was just doubling their 'bets' with each hand, and opening a new account every time they blew out. The 'winners' each month had great returns, but the same person never won 2 months in a row. Complete absence of reality.

    Why did your friend stop trading after only 3 hours? By now he could have owned all the funny money in the entire Federation! :p
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    EIGHT DAYS?????????

    If you had said seven I would have said NO WAY. But EIGHT WHOLE DAYS? You are kidding right :confused: ? No problemo.

  6. Hell Yeah, I've even got the system for sale.

    It'll be $39.99, plus $8 s/h. It runs on winXP.
  7. You never know; but can I take the other side ...
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    I once attended a charity casino night where you get a few play dollars to gamble with at their games for your donation. I wiped them out! Closed down all the 21 tables and proceeded to win all the play money they had at every game. Finally after everyone was mad at me for closing down all the games, I bet it all against some trinket they offered me on a single hand of 21 and gave it back. It was fun being King for a while though but ashamed to use up all that luck on play money.

  9. Actually I do believe this one though! :D
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    Well definitely the Author of the ebook has made money in eight days by selling the book to unknowledgeable (simple) readers, who get caught in get rich quick scams.

    had the author used the swiss french, german currency I could have given a send thought. but with the curreny that you mentioned a day dreamer can be a millionar in dreams.

    i would suggest to saty away from such books and discourage such writers. leave some negative comments on the web some where for search engines to find ( do some good).
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