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  1. What could i buy for $100 in the US nowadays?
  2. A tank of gas and 2 qts of cheap oil.


    You get the 3rd degree for taking 10k out of the bank. Like that's any kind of money. I think the gov't is getting paranoid.
  3. Pekelo


    Two $50 gift cards....
  4. Lucrum


    Why is this thread in the Economics forum?
  5. Humpy


    Thanks to 2nd rate politicians - not much.
  6. Good question. Now that I think about it, our answers are all wrong. Are answers should be along the line of what investment can we buy for a $100? What can we buy for $100 that will beat inflation or price increase. Yesterday we could have bought $100 worth of forever stamps and make a $1.00 today. woo hoo. I'm rich.:cool: :D