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  1. Some 6 years back I read about a American man who received $50 from a kind woman (stranger) as Christmas gift. This poor man started crying and said "this $50 means a lot to me". So now I will suggest some simple ways to save small money and at the same time prevent water pollution.

    1) My barber says my hair are of good quality. I have not used shampoo for my hair for past 6 years but I clean my hair everyday with lots of water.

    2) Brush your teeth with toothpaste once in 4 days. People above 25 years do not need to brush their teeth everyday. My teeth are strong and there is no bad breath.

    3) Use soap while bathing once in a month. I use lots of water while bathing. I always remain fresh and healthy.

    4) Wear same clothes for 2 days. You will save money on washing powder and also save electricity.

    5) I have excellent beard so no shaving expenses for me. Only scissors cost.

    6) Avoid perfumes and other cosmetics (I do not know).

    The above examples cause lots of water pollution when 6 billion people use these products everyday. Think about it.

    When the world economy is in serious trouble wasteful expenses should be minimum and every single dollar/money is important.

    Savings = Income
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    Sounds like what Bin Laden was doing for the last 5 years!!
  3. Sounds like what Bin Laden was doing for the last 5 years!!

    Exactly!!! Worst smelling people in the world , I think.
  4. There is wild pig/hog population explosion in USA. Americans should start eating wild hogs as free food. Good for USA economy. Hogs are very destructive for the environment and everybody want them dead.
  5. I think Osama is more popular than Obama.
  6. the water trick is the next lie to scare people

    there is plenty of water, cut the crap please
  7. I guess Obamacare doesn't extend to mental health does it?!?!
  9. I have been extremely busy for past 45 days and I have not brushed my teeth for 45 days. I do not have any bad breath and my teeth are in excellent condition. I have been lots of food for past 6 months, Infact my food diet seems to have increased +50%.

    People above 25 years do not need toothpaste if they have lived a healthy and strong young life by eating good quality food. I have been eating best and high quality food for past 30 years.

    I have written "I work 18 to 20 hours a day to save World Trees, animals and good people.
  10. 200,000 Americans killed each year by Prescription drugs.

    When law authoritries investigate they will find out that mental hospital doctors are responsible for majority of Prescription drugs related deaths worldwide. Mental hospital doctors are useless people and they survive on money earned for poor and weak people sufferings. The mental drugs/medcines affect the minds of weak people and they cannot fight back and they are destroyed further mentally.

    Mental doctors will starve to death if they do not suffer weak people because these useless mental doctors do not have any knowledge and talent to earn money.

    The reason is people are imprisoned for years is because it is more profitable to do so. Staff needs to get hired, drugs are administerd, federal and state money is given to the location on a per bed basis. It is just about the bottom line. You can not extract money from the system if a person is deceased. There are whole subindustries tied into the prescription medication bussiness. It is just about the money and the most profitable method.
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