100% Winners - Is This Arbitrage Stuff For Real?

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    So im sitting here drinking my coffee getting ready for the trading day and i receive an email recommending this software called 100% Winners that came out today for the first time, i click on the link and straight away i think "here we go again not another BS sales letter crap site" and just about to click out of it but i got reading and it started to make sense what they're talking about,

    now im a hardened skeptic from way back and i like to think my BS filter is highly tuned but this got my attention, ive never heard of "sports arbitrage" before, ive engaged in arbitrage in stocks and know the benefits of this strategy there, but this is totally new to me,

    the theory goes as this; basically the software hooks into all the online bookmakers from around the world(which is good because we can't place sports bets in the US) and finds arbitrage opportunities(arbs) where 2 bookies have mis-aligned odds,

    for eg...lets say there is a tennis match Federer vs Nadal and 1 bookie in Europe is showing Federer to win at $2.10 and another bookie in Australia is showing Nadal to win at $2.15, you would place bets for both players to win at each bookie and regardless of the end score you come out with a profit. The software shows you all the arbs from around the world at any given time. Sounds too good to be true, right?

    I would like to know if any traders here have engaged in sports arbitrage?

    is it really viable? will the bookmakers close your a/c down if you win all the time?

    also has anyone got this 100% winners software? feedback?

    i know it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee but before i buy it I want to know if sports arbitrage is a real money maker? as i don't want to waste my precious time, although i like the thought of sitting in my lazy boy watching the game and making bank does sound fun.

    edit; left out the link, here is what im referring to

  2. There are plenty of arbitrage opportunities in sports betting, but that software is probably useless. If it really takes lines from "bookies around the world" that means you would have to leave money with bookies around the world. Most of them are frauds and outright criminal outfits. Your losses to bookies folding and/or cheating you will probably exceed any returns the software could generate for you. The only way to beat that is to be very knowledgeable about which books are trust and credit worthy, and no software will tell you that.
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    I agree with you Big D, i'm not familiar with online sports betting but like the trading world im sure there's plenty of scum, i did find this site http://www.sportsbookreview.com/ratings+on+over+400+sportsbooks+/ which rates all online bookies, I wouldn't place money with any bookie that had a rating of C or worse, but looking at the 100% winning site, it looks like most of the arbs are only with a handful of the larger bookies, plus i only like to deal with the big name outfits, just my rule when dealing in any industry really.
  4. I have to admit I am a skeptic and question what your relation maybe to this site. The first is, obviously too good to be true. Second for me, is who the hell clicks links in emails from who the hell knows who in this day and age?! Did you run a virus scan, and spyware checks after clicking? If you are serious then I would immediately avoid doing any password protected stuff on your computer until you see whether your computer is now being used to ship all your assets overseas.
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    I am not related to that site and I couldn't give a crap whether people buy it or not, i received an email from another trading forum site (who i won't mention because you might think im with them aswell) that rec'd it, and thought it might have substance, i know you get the raw deal here thats why im here asking, and big d raised a point i didn't otherwise consider, and yes you will be happy to know that i have norton antivirus installed (i'm not related to norton antivirus either)

  6. either you are a complete moron or you are the shill. no need to prove my point.

    i do hope you are the shill , lol
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    oh please do explain old wise one? enlighten me on the in's and out's of sports arbitrage

    if you're another kid in his parents basement trading his big demo a/c please go back to your little facebook games, your "lol" lends me to think this, this is a big boys forum
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    your BS meter needs a tune up
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    why olias?

    Note to everyone thinking about posting; before you come on here with you childish little comments (big tough guy hiding behind your screen), how about you offer me some intelligent discussion regarding sports arbitrage like Big D did, that's if you actually know something about it, no armchair quarterbacks please, im not here for a shit fight, im here to discuss sports arbitrage which anyone with half a brain can realize does have potential.
  10. Any arbitrage opportunities would have to be large enough to overcome the vigorish. See

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