100% wining trades...want to know how i made 385% in one month!

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  1. Well, it is proven, we cannot beat the market evry day every time...our brain and psychology are made in a way that once our objective is acheived there is a kind of let go....thus making any new open position very risky...so if we admit this we can acheive nice returns if we follow these 3 steps...:
    1. Never open a position based on "i just want to be in the market..... (actually a lot of us do that once we had a nice hit or two)
    2. open a position when the rate has moved sharply in a way after a long period of price lock range..
    3. Use your LEVERAGE baby cause this this the best tool mother market created for us after women...

    well learn to go and have fun during your week ends or some nights cause staying sticked to your screen will only deflate your soul..

    Z CoMaNdAtOrE
  2. multiply it by 10000:D
  3. Gawd,

    Is that you? coinzy/sKaLpZy/baron/jOe

    Z CoMaNdAtOrE
  4. actually i did a beautifull 385% WITHOUT TAKING ANY RISK
    I just feel the HEART BEAT of the forex mother nature..
    We all heard your trend is your friend 95% of traders lose..etc well its true...in a plane you have a check list to take off,and this is true each time you want to fly that you must go through it...well human brain is a mysterious functionning element...for instance whe we read somthing half hour later you forget 95% of it...WOW 95% amazing...hey isnt it the number of loosing traders also...well ABSOLUTELY....admitting this....here is what 95% of traders should do...like the pilot YOU PUT your trader check list that you define or let a senior (one of 1-5% wining traders) do it for you...you just follow the procedure every god damm trade you open in the market...EVERY DAY till you dream about it till you feel it in your stomach...than when you feel that you are becoming a one of a son of a machine guy and your balance is being 95% of the time green....you will have the thing...so admitting that you represent the market ..lets see how many guys will read this thread..than only 5% will apply for what i said...thus making me doing somthing good for these people so GREAT i would have contributed to save this guys from people like Z...Sc and Z C. cause guys......ITS A HELL OF A MARKET
  5. Folks,

    This is the most delerious pile of crap posted on ET

  6. Folks ,
    If I would post 7000+ messages over ET i would defenetly have less time to trade the market like i do and "profitably"beat people like "savant electric" ...well no wonder we are only 5% to beat the hell out of nice talkers....now how many authentic people like the Scalpz and others are in my opinion generous in their posting and delivering us on daily basis their modest opinion..just few. so folks up to you to decide if this is crap or genious outcome...cause the best is not yet said:D
  7. you're pure toxic, Z CoMaNdAtOrE.

  8. not so complicated as pilot, traders check list is much shorter, and should be as short as possible, 1-2-3 (entry, cut loss, take profit),
    only this 3:D
  9. Hey...Z Coinz..yesterday i was selling on your TP 1.2150...still bearish man!!!!!!!
  10. CUT LOSS do you always stick to it.......ie:is it mental(changing on humour) or an automatic one put once position is open...

    well both are wrong......
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