100% win strategy

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  1. I jut read about a roulette strategy that is 100% win.

    You use the red and black color to bet. You bet $1 on red, if you win you win $1, if you lose, you bet on red again, but this time $2. If you lose this bet you bet $4, then $8 etc. After a number of times you will see you will never have a losing bet again.

    The same applies to trading. You can bet one way, and double up when you get stopped out, then double up again. You can use a 1 point target 1 point stop for this.
  2. martingale strategy will lead you to eternal damnation
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  4. Geez, what an inovative strategy..

    Sounds like what Marketsurfer uses to short the market...for at least the last 3000 points! :D
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    You are absolutely correct. There can be no refuting what you wrote.

  6. ...or eternal riches??:p

  7. Hmm, so when you finally win, it will be $1.00, but never more or less. So the more time you lose, the worse is risk to reward ratio even with a guarantee win.
    When you do win, then what happens? You go to a small bet again, keep double down until a win again?
    I think it will take a long time to make alot of money because the gain is fixed at $1.00 constant.
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    This strategy only makes works if you got an unlimited trading stake, otherwise you will almost surely go broke. The question is, if you have inifite capital why are you wasting your time trying to make more money?That would not make any sense, go out and spend it
  9. Run away.
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    When asked, most people want twice what they have now, regardless of how much they have!

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