100 trades

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  1. New journal for testing some new strategies.

    100 trades i will make for gods sake.

    Real time shall it be, i guarantee.


    Trade 1

    04:52 New York
    Corn (CME) December 2012 ZWZ2
    Short at 888,00
    Stop at 933,00
  2. If you "HateTheRisk" why would you put on a trade 3 hours before a crop report?
  3. Trade 2

    08:00 New York
    Short at 125.30
    Stop at 126.07
  4. athan00


    about the stochastic proccess you r using on your trades, did you have to fully undesrtand all the theory and maths that stands behind? or just the basics? i ask that cause the available material is huge and endless i could say.

  5. Is HATEtherisk in jail for drugs?