100 ticker limit in tws (IB)

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  1. tommaso


    Do you know whether the 100-ticker limit can be changed and in case how?

    Thank you.

  2. Tums


    pay fee


    pay more comm
  3. tommaso



    Thank you. Can you explain better what you mean?

    The limit increase is dependent on some fee to be payed? Do you have a reference page?

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  5. tommaso


    Thank you very much, that is what I was looking for.

  6. Klamath


    I don't see anything on that page about paying for additional real-time lines. IB customer service just told me they won't let you pay for additional lines, either.

    It seems silly that you get 100 lines for $30 worth of commissions, but in order to get 110, you have to do $880 worth.
  7. They just want to avoid d--chebag customers who drain their servers all day but don't do any business. Any rule they institute would be arbitrary.

    $880 of commish is peanuts. Any sizable institutional cust would pay orders of magnitude more.

    Bloomberg has roughly the same issue and a similar policy response, limiting API pulls per terminal.
  8. Klamath


    Yeah, but that's my point, they give the guy who does $30 a month substantially the same amount as the guy doing $750-$1000
  9. Klamath


    Has anybody divided their capital up into two accounts in order to get 200 tickers? Would that work?
  10. ***Tip***:

    use the paper trading account to get extra 100 symbols for free (make sure the quality of the data is similar to that in the real account)

    having multiple accounts will work as well.
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