100 Tick Bar / MA crossover system

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by jester, Mar 22, 2003.

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    I am developing a system to trade the NQ that already shows some promise..not much ..but better that my discretionary trading style.

    I have been using 100 tick bar chart using a 20 and 60 MA crossover for a entry signal. Now I have other rules as well (don't want to give away the "holy grail" here..lol) But since this system already is designed to catch larger moves I need a indicator, oscillators etc...to "filter" out the choppy times or to prevent my system from sending a buy/sell signal.

    Does anyone have any idea's or should I have provided more information?


  2. Jester,

    A question or two: Why not use a 2-minute or 3-minute chart instead of 100 ticks? Those time periods will eliminate some of the 'false crosses' produced by 'noise'. Alternatively, why not drop to say about a 50-tick chart (about a half minute) and use a much longer MA crossover, 15 for a short average and 215 for a long average. This method, too, will eliminate 'false crossings'.