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  1. All hedge funds are scams. 100% failure rates coming and if you have money get it out.

    Why do you think they have so many redemption rules, to keep the scam going and the idiots who sign on the dotted lines get no sympathy.
  2. No one should invest in hedge funds. They are great for the managers. Lose money, get no incentive fee of 20% of the profits, then start a new fund with new investors.

    If they make money, take 20% of the profits.

    I made 54% in 7 months buying zero coupon treasuries, and I didn't have to give away 20% of my profits to a hedge fund manager.
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    Zero Coupons really ? How ? are u an institutional buyer ?
  4. I think people that made triple digit returns for years by investing in the right niche hedge funds, while focusing on the own career & businesses would disagree with you.
  5. Story isn't told yet. First, you can't get out. Second, the tax guys are looking offshore with a fine toothed comb. Guess who they're gonna find.
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  7. Just the beginning. Do you think these ego-maniacs telling you they made 40% each year paid taxes? sure, Madoff is in Switzerland, probably the Caymans. But the money is huge, and everybody played. And it was funneled offshore, and it came back here via ATM cards w/no names. You swiped the cards, took the cash.

    This is documented in several court cases. Howell Woltz is in the Slammer in Charlotte for such deeds. Now, who would the customer of such cards be? Poor people? Or moneyed elitists who think they're above it all.

    From what I hear, everyday names. And the politicians can't protect them anymore. It has gone too far.