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    I am fairly certain that a "strategy" can be 100 percent successful. Mind you, the trades within the strategy may not be---for example the hedging portions etc., but overall yes, I think that a strategy as a whole can be 100%.
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  2. Are you saying "100% successful" does not mean "100% Profitable"? :confused:
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    I think that it is possible to have every trade idea be profitable--albeit not all trades within the idea would be . I believe the two words successful and profitable to be interchangeable here.
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  4. That means:

    A 100% "profitable strategy"


    A "100% profitable" startegy.

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  5. exec26:

    There are myriads of successful strategies. The financial industry attests to this in many ways.

    So does the wealth of individuals and the wealth they contribute to the wellbeing of others.

    One of the better tests of success is the record of how many times the initial starting capital has been removed form the market accounts. People, for a time, put money into the market accounts; at some point this stops. Mostly because more capital is not needed any longer.

    So there are stages of success.

    The first is having sufficient capitalization.

    Second, is the event of having taken all the initial capital out of the market accounts.

    Third, is having the comfort of only using profits for trading. This is more a mental success than simply a financial success.

    Fourth, is losing track of how many times you have taken the initial capital out of market accounts.

    Fifth, is moving into the realm of having others relate to you.

    Sixth, is running accounts for others whose professional skills can be used to support community needs. You make money for them; they volunteer part time to help others in need.

    Seventh, and not very important, is the sum and substance of the offers you receive to do OPM and what split they offer you.

    Eighth, is the beginning of permanent success: how you were able to give to others the basis that yielded the first seven above. Transference.

    Ninth, is how successful others are at transferring what they learned from you to others.

    Tenth, is seeing over 25 or 50 years that for one reason or another your approach and its users have a positive effect on conditions, situations and circumstances of individuals and their communities.

    Success is defined in millions and millions and millions of dollars not just making a buck in a personal account.
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  6. I have an associate who says that his strategy is 100% successful. He says that he paper trades in hindsight using the days winners as targets for phantom investing.

    Seriously, you might have that as an outcome using long term, conservative profit goal parameters as the basis. Paint the picture large and don't allow short range disruptions to alter the ultimate desire. :cool:
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