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    a strategy is either successful (profitable) or not. there is nothing in the middle. you either take the gold or give the gold. most may borrow gold, but they are net givers in the long run.

    its like asking: can my girlfriend be half pregnant?

    you are either 100% pregnant, or you are not.

    life is simple.

    however, based on the previous answers, consider this:

    take a trend strategy and take profit at 1-2 ticks. i am sure 95% of trades would be successful. but would it be a profitable system?

    rtharp: you claim to be a trading coach. how come you reach the wrong conclusions?
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  3. Makes lot of sense Fred.

    re: trading coaches: only losers love those.
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  4. The fact that this question is even being asked is more telling than any single response.

    Tell me what you're buying so I can short it. Thanks!
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  5. Depends what you mean by 100% successful strategy?
    If you mean the strategy that wins on every trade - NO.
    If you mean the methods that always win every week for 16 consecutive months - we build several of them.
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    Nice post. So you have more losing trades and winning trades and yet have near 100% winning months, but defintate 100% winning years.
    Thats the power of having a valid strategy, solid risk/money management plan, and the dicipline to stick to it.
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  7. rtharp: you claim to be a trading coach. how come you reach the wrong conclusions?


    You've have mistaken RTharp who is Robert Tharp for his father Van Tharp. Van Tharp being a Successful Trading Coach is not just a claim, another mistake in your statement, it is a fact. Whether you believe or disbelieve, whether you like or dislike, whether you agree or disagree, doesn't change what he does, and what he has accomplished.

    I read on occasion the vain rants of those who make attacks or question the man and the work he has done. I believe most of this is based upon their failing to see what he has to offer, based upon the amount that he asks for his courses and materials.

    What is so sad about this is, if those who truly desire to be successful would spend some of their money on learning what the successful traders do, they to would have more of a chance than 1 in 10 or 1 in 20. By what successful traders do I mean more than just how they trade. Trading is so much more than the trading itself, well over 50% is my personal belief.

    Come to think about it though, it's really better this way for those who do succeed. The reason I say this is, then there will always be a larger number of those who won't, making the pool of those who do smaller, which in turn makes it easier. Let's be honest very few of those that come on here, really want to dedicate the time, make the sacrifice, and suffer the consequences that come with the process of the makings of a successful trader. The same could be said of those wanting to be successfull in business, sports, or any other profession or craft. The average person wants the benefits and in some ways the glory that may come with it, they lack the true inner desire and mental drive that eventually allows one to accomplish the goal.

    That's why there's gambling and the lottery. Back to the Tharps, I know what he does works. I got to know them both personally a few years ago, applied some of his knowledge with the knowledge of another very successfull trader, who happens to be a woman, along with my own experiences. None of this in anyway insured my success, however it went a long way in assisting me in reducing my chances of outright failure, and increased the chances of being successfull.

    Is Vans work the only work, no, there are others. He does have an extensive background and has worked with a variety of the top traders in the business. People whom many would know and some who you wouldn't. People from all walks of life, and from all over the world.

    Semantics aside, there never was, is, or will be a strategy, method or system that will equate to 100% success.

    Good Trading and Good Evening!

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    Pardon my ignorance, but could you enlighten me as to the definition of "OB OS" with options?


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    overbought oversold
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    100% successful strategy

    Firstly, what is any such strategy doing?
    It recognizes that the money is in the gyrations (eg YM). Watch as price travels on its time axis from the Open to the Close for it will cover through its upmoves and downmoves a huge coverage of points (eg YM). That is the maximum the market offers and from that maximum you need to bite out either a big take or the optimum take available.

    Secondly, what should you be doing?
    Well I use a predictive trading model to give for each day ahead HL scale, +/- differences from the Open, timings and tracking through the day session plus other stuff. This reflects an institutional approach (but there can be widely different institutional formats and aims). Why I do I need prediction? To deploy weight in betting size accurately.
    But for anyone else and also for me, watch price channel up and down in gyrations of varying elasticities. Bars and charts in multiple need to be chosen so that you get your price information presented to you in the way that allows you to understand, intraday, through observation, practice and noting how to enter each new move at its beginning on expiry of the previous opposite move. You utilize the upmoves and downmoves to amass your daily points total.

    While this is only guidance, you have to do your own detailed study, research and practice.
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