100% sucessful strategy

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    100% Sucessful strategy!
    Is there such a thing?
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    it depends on your time frame. I can have 10 trades in a row or more with a profit. But could you do it for longer ?

    I am just kidding.
    100% successful does not exist. If you really mean your question, then you are looking for the 'holy grail'. It does not exist.

  3. exce26 - what is your definition of 100 % successful strategy ? If your goal is to make a 3 % return annually, your strategy may be successful. Many bank customers in Japan would be pleased with such a return on investment.
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    Exec26: “100% Sucessful strategy! Is there such a thing?”

    Absolutely! I haven’t made a bad trade in the last 7 years. You see, from out here on Mars…. :)
  5. well, im 100% successful about 60% of the time =)

  6. they say, everyday we spend above is 100% successful, instead of being below or flat on the day.

    funny how life, trading and similar terminology equivocate in meaning.

    being 100% successful in trading is what we all are when we look back or when we're dreaming, but certainly not when we're awake. But then, there's is a way to be 100% successful, just broaden the basis for consideration toward success, make sure its broad enough to drive a 777 through it without touching the wings on the walls, and, hey.
  7. Let success be defined by "net profits after commissions".

    Given the above definition, I am perhaps
    a) 60-70% successful on a daily basis i.e. most of my days are profitable
    b) 70%+ profitable on a weekly basis i.e. most of my weeks are profitable
    c) 80%+ profitable on a monthly basis i.e most of my months are profitable
    d) 100% successful on a yearly basis i.e. all of my years to date have been profitable

    So, depending on the timeframe, 100% success is feasible.
  8. Well think about this.....??

    If a system was 100% profitable /guaranteed would a market maker, specialist want to take the other side.

    Since they would be forced to take the other side he would just take the other side at a price that would allow them to have some leverage for them making a profit thus making your 100% no longer valid.

  9. There is a commodity trader in Market Wizards who hadn't had a losing day for years.
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    I think you're referring to Buzzy Schwartz and I'm pretty sure it was no losing month.
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