100 Pt LOSS FOMC Trade Yesterday

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Spectra, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. True Story . . . .

    RoboCop, one of our room members, just KNEW the fed report was going to be bullish yesterday and placed an order to go long before the announcement.

    So Robocop goes in there with a stop of 100 points. Hey at least he used a stop! If you guys were watching, you know that he promptly got stopped out.

    Not long after Alex's system calls a SHORT trade. He takes the call and recovers his entire stop loss and then some. This is amazing to me! Most newbies would just not take any signals after getting stopped out of a 100 point trade. The fact that he was able to jump right back in after a loss of that magnitude is incredible. Hopefully he was sticking to his rules and not revenge trading :)

    P.S. Robocop has given us permission to use his name/story

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    amazing....what a call...
  3. Its only a matter of time before he blows out. It was stupid to try and guess what the fed reaction would be.

    He may have a gambling problem.

  4. Well actually most newbies get pissed off when they take a loss and try and jump back in on the next signal to make it all back and they get chopped up. Usually bigger size or blinded by emotion.

    The fed day led to huge moves so he was able to recover but that is not the norm.
  5. Well Einstein, what do you think he was doing?
  6. Wow amazing! you guys at puretick rules! sign me in!
  7. You forgot including RoboCop's pic, what an amazing trader he is

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    Yeah, it's a truly amazing and inspiring story, LOL (talk about the blind leading the blind) ... thank you! :D

  9. Hey hey now guys, no need to be so harsh...

    he's just trying to peddle his snake oil in peace...

    if you expose his service for the sham that it is, ET will have one less sponsor and the futures markets will have that much less liquidity...

    so let's just let the natural order of things fall into place, okay everybody?

    :D :D :cool: :cool:
  10. He took that second trade because it was a valid signal that fired off the system. Of course you never truely know someone unless you mind meld with them. But he seemed calm when we talked and hes making decent profit each day. I know most of the traders who come our way will still fail but if we can help 2 out of 10 I'll be jovial with that.

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