100 orders for new 166 pass. China Jet

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  1. This is potentially big news down the road. China is already the world leader in trains technology, and airplanes is the next logical step and one of their next primary focus.

    It makes sense, given that the commercial jet market will always have demand (every country has airline, needs planes) and only 2 main producers worldwide located in us/europe with almost impossible barrier of entry for any private company.

    Given china's ruthless efficiency and just do it mentality, i have no doubt they will become a major player in the commercial jet market in the next 10 years, even with the negative attitude towards "made in china" and safety right now.

    Cars are a different story, it's much more difficult with so many options and established giants, not to mention the purchasing decision rests squarely on the consumers, which will take a lot of money and years to create a chinese car brand in the us, even though many of the existing brands have many parts that are made in china anyway.
  2. . Bullshit, I will never fly on a carrier that buys one of these things. The last thing I want to do is endanger my life on something 20000 feet in the air made from recycled bicycles. China has a reputation for 2 things. Cheap labor and shit products that have endangered lives
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    I wonder if they used lead paint!
  4. haha, move to the desert then. Because most of the developed world is made-in-china already...
  5. want to bet. you are already flying on a chinese built plane:

    And Boeing is purchasing hundreds of millions worth of parts from China for its new aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner. Moreover, over a third of Boeing's total aircraft parts come from China. As I've posted, some observers think Boeing CEO Jim McNerney would even like to move Boeing to China to save money.

    See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/aavE60
  6. Indeed. I recall reading recently that China will have more miles of high speed rail than all other nations combined by 2012.

    Far from being poor at very large scale engineering projects, the Chinese appear to be good at them and getting better all the time.

    It seems that China has just upped it's target for nuclear energy again. This time from 70 GWe to 112 GWe by 2020. This is probably comparable to or larger than the US which currently generates the most nuclear electricity. What's more, the new nuclear plants seem to be progressing on budget and on time. Build time seems to be around three to four years from first concrete to criticality. That is very good.

    How do they achieve this sort of industrial progress? Here's one example: http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/NN-Construction_of_Chinese_Nuclear_City_to_start_soon-1608104.html

    $175 billion investment in the future of an industry is substantial in any terms of reference - except of course in bailing out failed banks where it is beer money.
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    Cheap credit through a fire-hose and a state planning apparatus that's very good at deploying vast quantities of capital.

    Of course, we've seen this story before. I tend to think that Globalization itself and the BRIC story in general, centered around China, is a massive bubble that will eventually retrace. This is what all historical experience suggests, though it's always possible It's Different This Time and we're headed for a world where Communist China is by far the richest and most powerful nation, having successfully abolished the business cycle and the laws of economic gravity.

    A rather fearsome prospect really.