100% of the fast money crew is bullish, Mr. Adami says 1350!!

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    Everyone on fast money is calling for a higher stock market...not one of them is the least bit bearish...I can tell you that as soon as this market drops say 3-4% for the week every last one of them will say after the fact that the market needed a correction, but for now keep buying, buying and buying.

    Guy Adami cautions skeptics not to stand in the way of this market. He thinks the S&P is heading to 1350. “From there we’ll see,” he says. “But the market has had every reason to sell-off and it hasn’t done it. There’s no reason to think it will sell-off now.” That’s not to say there won’t ever be a correction. “It could come at 1500,” he says. “But for the time being enjoy the ride.”

    Zach Karabell thinks fundamentals bode well for the bulls. “In 2010 (and earlier in the decade) we had been seeing outflows from equity funds into emerging markets or bonds. But that trend has reversed. There’s a huge amount of money that’s being re-allocated into the US market. If that continues, the rally continues,” he says. Anthony Scaramucci is also bullish “This market looks a lot like 1995,” he explains. In other words three major factors that propelled stocks then are again in play.

    “One is valuation, two is positive balance sheet fundamentals for large caps and three is that we’re in the 3rd year of a presidential cycle and that typically bodes well for stocks. I’m not saying we won’t see a near term correction but the fundamentals are quite strong.”Even if you think the market will pullback soon, Joe Terranova says stay with the hard trade and stay long. "The market just shakes off bad economic data and February is historically a weak month and look at the action.”Karen Finerman counsels investors to look at mega-caps. “Like an IBM [ IBM_163.40_ +0.56 (+0.34%) ],” she says. “That stock has a lot of room to run.
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    when it actually does correct "3-4%", I will not cover :)
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    The whole entire crew 100% is also bullish on semis.....this is amazing, not one single person on fast money is bearish, this market has another 1894% more room to run, get ready for the ultimate rally and then eventually probably in the next 6 or 7 decades the next collapse until then stay long and strong.

    Chips Up 20% in 3 Months, Further Upside Limited?
    CNBC.com | February 17, 2011 | 05:55 PM EST

    Strength in the chip sector led the market higher on Thursday, with investors betting that a slew of new gadgets such as tablet computers will drive a revolution in the way we use technology.The SMH [ SMH 36.59 +0.31 (+0.85%) ], whose top holdings include Intel [ INTC 21.97 +0.22 (+1.01%) ], Texas Instruments [ TXN 36.48 +0.43 (+1.19%) ] and Applied Materials [ AMAT 16.42 +0.071 (+0.43%) ] has been on fire since December, gaining over 20% in only three months.Can there possibly be more upside? How should you position now?

    Instant Insights with the Fast Money tradersJoe Terranova does think there’s room to run though he concedes, “valuations look stretched.” However, he thinks the trade right now is all about momentum and “momentum is to the upside. I’d stay with it and raise my stops,” he counsels.Tim Seymour feels the same. “I also think there’s room to go, especially in the big cap chip names because they’ve lagged the high fliers,” he adds. “I think they play catch up.”Guy Adami is also on board. “The story has worked and I expect it to continue working,” he tells the desk. “But considering the run, I’d also wait for a pullback.”Jon Najarian is bullish on fundamentals. “People around the world want technology,” he reminds. “I just see demand rising for smartphones and tablets for a long time to come.”