$100 million possible?

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  1. This is sort of tongue in cheek but sort of not.

    I see a lot of these 1% a day threads -- they seem to have a semi-regular frequency of recurrence over time.

    What I want to know is, how many of you think $100 million is possible? How many are really, seriously going for it?

    It doesn't matter how far you are from the goal... I'm just curious to see how many people on this board believe it is possible to make $100 million in the markets--over the course of a career, not any fixed time frame--and how many genuinely aspire to do so.

    Heck, the nine figure mark isn't even all that necessary. I'm just wondering how many peeps here think that real money means well into eight figures, as opposed to a few hundred K a year hitting bids and asks.
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    I'm shooting for 100 mil +.

    I know its possible (its been done before) and believe I can do it.

    Sounds crazy, I know.

    But a) Im a pig and b) have no respect for money.

    I think most successful traders could do 100+ mil lifetime easy. But their risk adverse/conservative nature restrains them from a) going after obscene dollars and b) risking significant drawdown in the process (+25%).

    For most traders:

    the more equity = less drawdown tolerance = less risked = less potential gains.

    Who knows, maybe when I hit 7 figures (God willing) , I'll be just as risk averse. I doubt it. But maybe.
  3. a very elite response will be:

    possible? YES
    likely? NOT VERY
  4. Guess I should specify 100MM accumulated, i.e. having 100MM worth of liquid assets at a single point in time, or something approaching it.

    Though again, the specific number doesn't make that much difference. Fifty million would suffice. Just well into the eight figure range.

    It's definitely possible, no question there at all. Not *many* have done it, but certainly more than a few have done it. It just requires a different mindset, almost a different language and logic I think (in comparison to the 1% a day type stuff).

  5. I would have to say this is very accurate but I would add that it really depends on a lot of personal things.

    1. Starting bankroll
    2. Current financial condition.
    3. Health mental and physical.
    4. Family situation.

    I also think that having a personal goal is more important then a number ie: 100 million.

    I once had 100k of a stock I paid .02 for and I had a target of $1.00 even after 3 months it traded to .98 and then two days later it fell to .02 again.

    Actual numbers are dangerous in my opinion.
  6. Osiris


    $100+ Million net worth from trading....in an entire career...possible, but super hard....almost impossible:p

    I actually think, for me anyhow, one of the most difficult things about it would be liquidity walls. Most of the successful strategies that I have seen and use are rather illiquid. Doesn't matter for me since my account is a just a piddling right now, but even at the $5+ million mark I will likely have some initial trouble with getting fully loaded up with positions.... and at $10+million I would be sitting on cash a lot. That is the problem, so for me to start a hedge fund with the strat's i have now, useless...a hedge fund with a $10 million cap would be ridiculous.

    But partly it makes me feel safer for now, since I can still have decent strategies that have a strong conceptual underpinning, yet due to the 'relative' lack of liquidity....the bigger players (hedge funds, prop trading desks, etc) don't ruin the returns, since they couldn't be bothered with my little world:D

    But that being said, obviously i have to keep thinking about bigger strat's if i want to make more money. But if one has a decent strategy and can start a hedge fund....then i think $100+million is quite possible.

    The other hard part...like someone else mentioned is how much you start with...but i would qualify that more...how much you start with relative to your expenses and monthly cost of living. This is another problem for me....i have to take a lot of money out of my account every month ... but my current strategies are not intra-day...so i have even had losing months...but i still need to drag money out to live :( This for me has seriously eroded my ability to compound gains. I will be curious to see the other responses...might get a lot of negative ones...

  7. Ask Curtis Faith.He made $30 mill?Where did it all go wrong Curtis?
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    with the right market conditions...anything is possible :D
  9. As the old trading joke goes, reaching 100 Millions is possible, if your starting capital is 200 Millions !!!!
  10. start with $10k, earn 200% a year for 9 years and thats $100 million. Could have been done buring the bull market, harder now.
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