$100 million account profits monthly

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What do you think is the realistic monthly profits for $100 million account?

  1. less than 1%

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  2. 1%

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  3. less than 10%

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  4. 50%

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  5. 100%

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  6. more than 100%

    7 vote(s)
  1. What do you think is the realistic monthly profits for $100 million account? Please vote.

    There is a thread in this section about $50,000 accounts profits which inspired me to start this thread

    Please note-: I do not have $100 million. But I know somebody who trades $100 million.
  2. Why do you care?
  3. joe4422


    If you want to be realistic, safe, and focused on not have draw downs, then 20% a year would be awesome.

    I've made 47% this year with my retirement fund, but I'm willing to take some risk with it.
  4. wave


    Ditto Joe.
  5. 1M per year would be my spending
  6. is he trading with 100million in equity? or is it just super-leveraged 100mil in BP? it makes a huge difference imo.
  7. He trades $100 million in Forex.
  8. I have to think newbie when I see these threads. Can you make a good return, of course! For cripes sake year after year there is the hedge fund guy who make a ridiculous return on alot more. The key is doing it year after year. Most make a 1 or 2 year return then have the big drawdown. I have a plan, and I think it is easily scalable to over 100mil., but I'll see when I get there, as a whole lot have thought the same before me. I have expanded from my daytrading to swing, but as I go I'm extending to more position, using equities and options. Make a plan and stick to it. I admit easier said than done, but it is the way to a fortune, and retiring to set up a foundation to give it all away.
  9. I think the larger the account size, especially when you get into managing an account In the billions, the return targets realistically become somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10% per year. I know that's what Harding's Winton Capital is targeting. And then you've got the big pensions trying for 7-8% per year. So on 100m capital you'd be wanting more than Harding I suppose. But for a liquid nonleveraged account of any size that's aiming for consistency, anything past 30% per year in a hedged account is I think impossible to achieve with smooth monthly results.
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