$100 LULU yoga pants are a bargain, just bought some

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  1. i also bought some some OTM puts on this pos.........lulu has 90% of the market cap GAP has with 1% of the stores and sales GAP has..........go long GAP (gay and proud) and short LULU would be an low risk pair trade for the long run
  2. good find, looks like overbought from the earning beat and time to gradually buildup a short position. wtf is a Lululemon? i never heard of this brand.

    not sure i want to long gap though...
  3. Nice! I hate lulu with a passion. -- can't believe it lasted this long.

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  5. here's how i would market yoga pants:

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    These type of companies that sell clothing and what not don't stay on top forever, this is a trend...I have never met sooooooo many people that do yoga, it seems over the last few years yoga has gone from being just something a 68 year old women did to nearly the entire population young and old getting involved. I have never been into a Luluemon store and never plan on it, its a trend right now that is going to fade just like most clothing trends do, yoga might be here to stay, but it seems that now is completely getting a bit over redundant as well. Lulu did say they were going to do a billion in sales by 2012 which is why the stock has pushed to new highs recently, add in a split due July 8th and everyone is jumping in like its the latest dot com!!!

    So does the stock have more upside, YES it does, will the stock drop 50% + in due time the answer is YES it will. Right now this company is the leader in this trend, but of course all trends fade even facebook, so when the time comes this company will see its stock fall and investors run far away.

    $100 yoga pants hahaha, who would be that foolish to buy a pair of jogging pants you can buy anywhere else for $15.99, oh I forgot when doing yoga you have to look good for everyone else, a fashion statement is what we call that....this is just a trend remember that.
  7. So the appeal of the "yoga pants" is that they are, functionally, a tattoo you can remove? A thin coat of paint that also has enough elastic pull to smooth out cottage cheese thighs? Next best thing to being naked, but legal?

    Just watch. I wonder if the next thing will be "yoga shirts."

    I noticed many, many girls wearing them in varying degrees of cover, mostly under ultra-short miniskirts and long shirts.

    Wonder how long the market fad will last? They just seem like full-leg panties to me.

    But, it does seem to be in full swing. I don't see the fad fading any time soon. Why would it? Manufactured for what, ten cents/ton? Sold for how much 100 bucks a pair? How could you lose money?

    Oh, and the yoga place is the new meat market. Rooms with people doing all sorts of poses, er stretches, where the temperature is 85 degrees plus. Where else can guys go to ogle chicks bending over in front of them, and chicks can go and bend over in front of guys, and have it with a veneer of civility?

    Yup, I saw this years ago in Hawaii. I noticed the old, fat, and ugly don't seem to show up at the Yoga place, and lots of socializing was going on out front between sessions. I would drive by and think "So, guys are into this because it's a place to get laid."

    Nothing new. 70s was the disco. 80s was, I dunno, clubs that catered to women who wore shoulder pads under their masculine pant suits? 90s, dance clubs again, but the new milennium, yup, the yoga meat market is the place.

    As men become more effeminate in our culture, they tend to cluster in places to be noticed by women, the way women used to do to be noticed by men.

    So, yeah, seems like since yoga is the new place to be able to hang out to get laid, the trend will continue. Think of it, you don't have to be able to dance, don't have to spend money on drinks, and you get to watch opposite-sex people with painted-on clothing displaying their hip regions in all sorts of crazy positions.

    All while claiming to be back to the Earth, Zen, in tune with your body, ecologically friendly, mod, hip, etc. Yeah, I think this trend will turn even more huge. Especially because people who aren't in their 20's or 30's can look kind of ridiculous, or regard the whole preening, posturing process as being kind of ridiculous, so it provides kind of an automatic filtering of the people who are likely to be ogling you.

    Now if only other, more profitable activities were a way to get laid, fewer guys would be on welfare. But, women in North America seem to have lost interest in men who actually have to do any work, and instead shop for boytoys who seem to float independent of the Earth, with no visible means of support.
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    finally! someone who understands! my gf loves lululemon, and who am I to stop her from buying these pants?? lol