$100 laptop.

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  1. add a free satellite hook up, and you will change the world.

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    Runs linux so IB tws will work!
  3. I'd buy one if I could get a decent processor in it...
  4. i think the whole idea is you dont need much processor to just access the internet. cant be good for intc msft.
  5. the last thing starving children in some remote village in africa need is a computer.

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    marketsurfer..weeeelllllcome backkkkkk

    I was going to quit ET...or at least lay off from posting for a while...But now that your back, I am looking forward to reading again..

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  7. really? if a couple of them could read and get on the internet they might just learn some farming ideas that will help them grow food. information is king.
  8. yes welcome back. now all we need is a black monday thread. just kidding surfer.
  9. The MIT Media Lab people just might have been inspired by a book by Po Bronson, published way back in 1997, about creating the $99 PC. It was made into a film by 20th Century Fox in 2002:

    The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest

    It's a fun flick, easily living up to the promise of its catchy title. Memorable quote from IMDB:

    Andy: "How's things?"

    Tiny: "Entropy is winning."

    (the story of my life)
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