100% in 3 months is nothing

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by timvodas, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. timvodas


    100% in 3 months to me isn't very impressive. I've done that on more than one occasion in a matter of a few days, its just a matter of waiting it out until the move comes.
  2. So that means in a few years you should be a billionaire, right ?
  3. You just reminded me there's an ignore button.
    See ya, jackass.
  4. neke


    It may be nothing if it is a one-off. But if you can do that consistently, it will not take long before you stop posting on this forum!
  5. Troll alert, exactly the same was posted before in another thread:

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    This timvodas is an unrepentant plagiarist. First he quoted Pa(b)st and started a thread on Niederhoffer. Now he quotes mcflow2 without citing source, and starts another thread! Moderator, please call him to order!
  7. djxput


    Well its something

    problem comes in continue to grow the account and continue to hold onto your money.

    I have also tripled my account in less then 3 months (actually a few times). But I have also 'cleaned' out my account the same number of times.
  8. Tim,

    Here is an idea, instead of telling us how big is your penis how about you start sharing something aside from your ego.

    Think you could do that or is that harder than the 100% per 90 day return ?

  9. Neke aren't you the individual that has a "Journal" where you claim you can make 500%+ year after year?

  10. neke


    Can you quote where you saw the claim of being able to make "500% year after year"?
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