100% hit rate

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  1. Any traders on this board with the 100% hit rate?

    I`m seriously,please..
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  3. Is there no shortage of wankers on et?
  4. I will ONLY ever make a trade when the market has endedup in a position where its an extremely amazingly good opportunity for a trade to be made.

    What timeframe do you base you trades on?
  5. I`d rather make 2-3 trades a month will have 100%hit rate!
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    i guess you must bet the farm then.
  7. something like that

    enough that 'dayjerking' bullshit
  8. I demo trade and leave all positions open until they show profit. I look great on paper. Want to subscribe to my newsletter? It's $250k per year, but you will be the only subscriber!
  9. Hey SNAKY,

    if you mean for the last 8 trades, i can say yes, 100% hit rate.
    yes, yes, yes. Before that i lost a little bit.

    So now i am in on trade number 9, lets see how far it will go this time. i always keep statistics about my runs without a loss between.

    the best run was 39 trades without a loss.

    But not all 39 where 100% profit of the 100% risk i ve took on these trades. but about 80% i made minimum 100%, some more and some less.

    i think its good. loosing is part of the game, i dont care, only the number counts.

    see you in the forum, old troll.:)

    best regards
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