100% hft nonsense today.

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  1. you banking?
  2. +5.25pt ES and done hours ago. just another day on the job

    bot-banging sideways special on the menu today... nothing available to big-time. maybe tomorrow :)
  3. you're the best

    but sorry, we just tanked nice , and predictably.
  4. aww shucks [blushing]... you're just saying that 'cause it's true!


    seriously, this is not my type of day. the mean-reversion gang should have loved this one. ES tape couldn't find a straight swing with GPS and compass. nothing but v-turns and abrupt program slams

    just another day
  5. This would be confusing for a sane trader, but for the other kind it makes perfect sense.

    now you see, folding your tent early was a big mistake.
  6. now you see in hindsight there was more potential to be had

    I'm content with five birds in hand versus x-left in the bush
  7. I bet you are.

    Hindsight = when someone else knows but you didn't

    down 11 ES handles since I called the turn

    Original post was the heads up that the boxes were holding it up.
  8. every day :cool:
  9. where's your blotter? that's right... you've never posted one here in your life.

    hope this thread gets your desired four-star rating from the anonymous masses here... did what I could to help you along

  10. lol, dont go away mad, just go away


    ya see, if you asked nice I might have told you how, but now I can't due to contractual obligations with my paying customers.
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