100% guaranteed way to improve your trading profits and success in life

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  1. Sounds too good to be true? Read on:

    Imagine a trading technique that worked with 100% reliability.
    Imagine a trading technique that actually *increased* the amount of free time you have.
    Imagine a trading technique that was guaranteed to improve your productivity.
    Imagine a trading technique that would *lower* your stress levels.
    Imagine a trading technique that will accelerate your learning curve significantly.

    In other words, imagine a trading technique that is a complete no-brainer, with no downside and numerous upsides. Even better, absolutely *anyone*, even the most rank novice, can employ it with 100% success. I personally guarantee you that this technique WILL work, EVERY single time you use it, and over the long-term will IMPROVE your trading significantly.

    So, are you interested in learning about this? If enough people (e.g. 5 replies) say yes, I will post the technique right here for free. That's right - no vendoring, no adverts, no BS course to sign up to. Just the pure, unadulterated, 100% reliable TRUTH.
  2. Buy When:
    You understand the Business
    The Business has favorable long-term Prospects
    It is run by people you Trust
    It is selling significantly below what it is Worth (you must be able to value it - if you can't, move on).

    Sell When:
    Someone offers WAAAY too much for your stake
    Or never ... whichever comes first

    Sorry to spill the punch Cutten ... couldn't help myself. :D :cool:
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    whatever you have up your sleeve must be the product of some serious out-of-the-box thinking
  4. :) Ok Cutten, nothing to lose to ask what you are talking about.
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