100% foolproof YM/DJI system

Discussion in 'Trading' started by YMsystemtrader, May 16, 2007.

  1. buy EVERY single downtick!!

    you cant lose.. i backtested it over 100 years!

    it seems to work even better the more you pay at the pump.. $4.00=14,000 dow
  2. Who let this fruitcake in the building?

    This is an easy one to automate Einstein. Go get someone to program it (I am sure you have no clue yourself), and you are on your way to your just reward...I will alert the media

    and the Nobel Prize Committee

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  3. notouch



    What was the biggest drawdown?
  4. what did i tell you... bought every single downtick with gas prices at new all time highs!!!

    YOU CANT LOSE!!!!!
  5. Somebody managed to lose you!
  6. nice call $$

    good to see everyone making $$$$
  7. what did i tell you... I CANT LOSE!!!!

    just buy every downtick during the day... im altering my system a little though..

    1. if china raises rates overnight , buy 2x as many contracts on dips

    2. each time the RBOB gas contract makes new highs buy 3x as many contracts on the dip.

    3. overnight holds are free money of course, buy 4x as many on the close

    4. if index options are set to expire the next morning, buy 5x as many contracts
  8. MyMini? Is that you? :p
  9. great system bro $$$

    congrats on making tons of free money $$$
  10. WOW!!! today was my best trading day in my entire life.

    i kept adding all the way down to 13500

    +80!!!! lol im a genius this is like an ATM machine

    now i will wait for the next HUGE pullback of 10 or more points
    #10     May 18, 2007