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  1. Head and shoulders on the SPY boyz!!! This cant be anymore clear to myself. The market did a little short covering rally these last few days and is now ready to bust down some more. Im shorting on all rallies.

    Its time folks to get in on the short side. Still not too late.
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    Who am I missing?
  3. This is for those who want to see, hear and believe. We have just hit a major retracement point and the SPY is about to take a major dump. I am thinking we might test the 2002 lows at this point.
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  4. More precisely, the Dow is up 1300 points since you started your apocalyptic threads. Just think how much money you would have made if you traded against yourself.
  5. stocktrad3r, although he seems to have faded...

    Not just starting the Black X day threads, but also the "(gold/oil/stock X/etc.) is going (up/down) (tomorrow/soon/next year/eventually)"

    Binary predictive threads should auto-delete
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    just added ultrabear etfs...

    SMN going back to 46+
    TWM going back to 81-83
    SKF going back to 105+
    DXD 58+

    still hold a bunch of ultrabulls as well but hedging against them with those 4 proshare etfs.

    2-4 week time frame...
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    already working
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    I am going to sell when you finally turn bullish.
  9. amateurs predict, professionals react.