100% CPU lockup tastyworks desktop

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  1. Thanks for that idea, I seriously doubt it but I will check wtih them tomorrow. I did not have this problem a few months ago with a different build, and I suspect this build has some bugs that are really bizarre. And that is why I am not the only one who has called in. It is not affecting everybody, just certain computers.
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    It could also just be this guy...

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    Unless a data provider/broker is getting slammed with calls issue is almost always on the user side.

    And user's reaction is, nope not on this end.
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  4. Perhaps tastywork changed how multi threads are handled in a recent update. For example, some platforms will run all Charts and data of an instrument on a single CPU thread to prevent data from desyncing. So even if you have excess CPU capacity available, the software will bottleneck on a single thread and lockup.

    It's possible it is not affecting everybody because a CPU with a high single thread rating will be able to handle much more before lockup.

    For reference, Intel i3-7100u has a single thread rating of 1390: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i3-7100U+@+2.40GHz&id=2879

    We only use Ryzen 5900x and higher with single thread rating of 3495: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=AMD+Ryzen+9+5900X&id=3870
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  5. Thank you Ninja Mobile for that great insight, this gives me a key specific tech aspect to further research and discuss with them. Sounds like a real possibility as to why it happened with the "upgrade" and is now affecting some and not others!
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  6. This is due to changed hyperthreading rules ininitiated by the platform. Last yr I had to help a neighbor of mine change to a more capable CPU due to this same hyperthreading change by the platform update from another broker. Your CPU is too weak for the new update. If you are running yout platform from a a laptop you're better off getting a new one with a more capable CPU. If you're running from a desktop switch to a CPU meant for high thread multi workload applications. i3 cpu(s) really have no business doing this kind of work..
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    Download (on your moped) to BestBuy.
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  9. Thanks for that additional insight. With the new more powerful 12th generation laptops due out later this year I will wait for awhile. In the meantime I will stick to the micro and mini futures contracts with lower volume like VXM and QG and such, these cause fewer issues with threading lockup. As usually does trading before and after RTH.
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    Apologies but this is absolutely absurd. This problem, for me, is occurring across multiple devices, that can run AAA games multiple trading platforms and until recently had no issue running TastyWorks desktop - the idea they'd suddenly and deliberately wipe out 90% of their clients via an imaginary issue with i3 chips is just dumb.

    I dunno what the issue is - but it'll have nothing to do with 'a more capable CPU'. Dude, this isn't Star Trek.
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