100% CPU lockup tastyworks desktop

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  1. I have been having frequent cpu 100% max out and lockup with charts the last few versions. I have followed tech suggestions but no matter what this is becoming a problem many times a day and I have to log out. Have tried a variety of tweaks on windows and simplifying the way I am using the platform. I have seen past Reddit threads where this was a major problem on macs as well. I love the company overall but this is a major impediment currently for me. Are any of you having this problem and if so have you found any way to lessen or eliminate it while this gets debugged hopefully very soon?
  2. Never had this problem. You may want to upgrade your CPU.
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    You forgot the most important information, what CPU do you have?
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    Sounds like a software bug or too much resources consumed in your browers, or some unexpected background tasks/apps running due to possibly malware and/or viruses. Try to run your trading software in a safe-mode firstly to narrow the problem one by one. Good lucky
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    Why don't you just download more RAM?
  6. Processor is Intel i3-7100u and it is running at around 3.35 Ghz. I have used Sierra Charts before this with numerous Futures charts open, and versions of it with AMP and Infinity. ZERO problems at all times. I am having zero problems with any other apps, and have experimented keeping browser closed, no help. It will run fine for maybe an hour, and then suddenly cpu usage starts oscillating higher and higher and then touching 100 % repeatedly and charts lock. Worse with stock indexes it seems.

    BTW in my talk with tech support I am not the only one having this problem, and they suggested things like changing screen resolution, resetting charts to default, and other such. Did not solve it.

    I am familiar with all the standard ways of minimizing cpu drag on windows 10 and have done so. I found a Reddit thread from sometime back where others where having the exact same issue, including on Macs. One person did a comparison with TOS using the exact same charts and it was using 85% less cpu to do the job.

    I love the company in every other way, but am very frustrated with the recent "upgrades" to the desktop platform. Thanks for the tip on running it on safe mode, will look into it.
  7. I have more than ample Ram of 12 DDR4. . The Ram usage is never more than 40 % on the meter, I always have much in reserve, it is a cpu lockup problem solely and others have the same issue.
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    Next time it happens, check your hard-drive usage. I'll bet that thing is flooded. That should spawn some suggestions in your mind.
  9. Nope, not at all, it is 1 Terrabyte and only about 1/4 used, and recently optimized and defragged. And the HD usage on the meter is usually about 1 to 4 % when it happens. Strictly a CPU overload that builds up out of the blue especailly if I logged out over an hour ago, and then goes to redline. It is a trading software problem that is very troubling and puzzling.
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    Does tastywork utilize a database that might need compacting? Sometimes they get out of whack. Ninja uses a DB format for storing some data and it gets messed up at times requiring a repair. Check to see if you have a "compact" or "repair" DB option.
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