$100 contest- Where will S&P be on 7/2/2012

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  1. I am willing to do this as an incentive for others to post and see the overall sentiment going forward from this point.

    Please post your guess and nothing else by July 2nd, 2011 to be eligible to win the $100 prize.

    I will give $100 dollars via paypal to the person with the closest guess. My word is my bond. If you don't like this idea or don't want to participate then don't.

    Comments are welcome AFTER july 2nd 2011 until then guesses of the number only.

    If there is a discrepancy, the first person to post wins between the two in that discrepancy. Example one guesses 1200 , the other 1202

    What will be the S&P Close on July 2nd, 2012?
  2. 1319.00
  3. mikeenday

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  4. jokepie


    i will post on july 2nd
  5. levelworm


    1001.28 on close

  6. 1327
  7. Thread title: July 2nd, 2012
    Post content: July 2nd, 2011 and July 2nd, 2012

    Which is it, 2012 or 2011?
  8. Read the First post VERY carefully. Guesses must be made BY July 2nd, 2011 to be eligible to win on July 2nd 2012. In other words all of these guesses will be made a YEAR IN ADVANCE.
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  10. 1396.38
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