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    marketsurfer's surf report surpasses 100,000 views today !! 6666 views a month, 1666 views a week, 238 views a day.

    yeah yeah yeah,

    surfer:) :)
  2. here comes pay per view :-/

  3. :D
  4. is it the most read single thread in the history of ET ?? even surpassing the legendary "hitman" ??

  5. While others are calculating winning percentage of trades, the number of winning trades necessary to buy that new Mercedes, how soon they will be able to retire, how much money they will be able to donate to their favorite charity, etc.

    Surf spends his free time calculating how many hits to his thread on a monthly and daily basis.....and needs to let us all know about it.

    Oh well. Self promotion mentality has to find some avenue of expression, doesn't it?
  6. Don's openings part 6, 2003 has 44K views so far this year....do the math of the sum total of all the views of his journals on openings since the inception of him posting a journals regarding openings on E.T.

    No that I would bother to do the research on the sum totals of part 1 through 6, but apparently you have a bit too much time on your hands.....so get out the calculator and put yourself in the proper perspective.
  7. looks like u have a bit too much time on your hands, too

  8. too much time ?? perhaps that statement should be directed to the writer. the question still remains--is the surf report the most read "single" thread in the history of et ?? 100,000 plus and counting.
  9. DT-waw


    While others are spending their free time on golf, basketball, tennis, dating with women, having sex, meeting with friends, reading books, working for their local societies

    Optional777 spends it calculating who attracts more readers: Don or surfer and commenting surfer's free time activities :D
  10. What's all this shit about "free time?"
    It's Probably derived from that ridiculous expression, "well, I like to spend my time ... organizing the lint in my naval." Nobody 'spends' time - we occupy time.
    And for that matter, you can't save time either. Last week I decided to trim my pubic hair with hedge clippers instead of pruning shears - I didn't save any time, it just took less time to do the job, and now my unit occupies less of my body.
    You don't have free time. You have life. One day that life will leave you. Between now and then you have time.
    Last I checked there was no toll booth in my mother's cunt, and thank god, because on that trip there would have been no place to keep any change. So it didn't cost anything to get here, it won't cost anything to leave: it's free. The whole shitload is free time.
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