100,000 shares at a time ?

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  1. The AOL-TWX merger was a opening gift.


    I pair 200,000 shares of PVN against 1,000 shares of COF, like any other good pair trader. I love to loose money.
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  2. Inmate,

    See if they can teach you how to spell while you are in the joint ("lose" not "loose"--it's like the 5th time you did this).
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  3. Do you pair your feet with those striped slippers they give you in prison?

    Do you pair your equipment with your cellmate, bungrider?

    Hey inmate, the next time you escape and want to stay at my house again, do NOT bring Simba the Sheepdog with you. She shed all over your bed the last time!
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  4. bad news, that wasnt a sheep dog. :eek:
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  5. :mad: :mad: :eek: :eek:
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  6. lose not loose ooppps, habit forming
    spell check doooouuhh

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  7. Largest size was 22k on a long and was Right but the size affected my trade.So i hit out and watched the stock rip(webm) jan 2002.I knew it was a great buy point 18.00 but i was scared only because of the size.So i try to keep my max at a more comfortable size.
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  8. Long 1,176,000 ENE . Bought from $.26 to .70. Bought 1,000,000
    in a five minute period for a joint account with Bob Bright.

    Sounds like a lot, but the dollars are small. Made $90k
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  9. You were like Bobs mini me- assistant. So you got 5% of the profits and took all the risk???

    in a joint account like that you could hold infinity to 1
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  10. More like maxi-me
    #70     Feb 19, 2003