100,000 shares at a time ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. what's the biggest trade you have ever made, in terms of shares ??

  2. 13,000. since prop traders don't get 100% of their profits, in order to make it worth it, you have to expoit the one major advantage of trading prop - unlimited buying power. i'm constantly trying to exploit that advantage, pressing size and recently began selling a few naked options, and plan on swing trading size eventually. if you are consistently trading 500-1000 shares, you might as well be trading on his own.
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    I was actually intrested in starting the same thread, but I am interested in the opening print. What was the largest print any of you guys did on the NYSE opening, yersterday I scaled 75,000 share short in the book on a thin stock that was indicated much higher and he moved the indication lower. I wonder sometimes what is the size you can do without affecting the opening the opening price?

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    11,000 didn't have more BP:D
  5. was wondering if you could explain this. since you said you trade 75k shares at a clip, i did a search for your posts to see if there is are any insights, and i came across these two.

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    dafugginman, this the exact reason why I do not like posting on here. You guys can be so anal some times. the second post was a joke, you know sarcasm. I am one of the biggest traders at Bright, so believe me I know what they offer and what they trade. I also trade the yield curve through another firm. But non of this is your business and neither is the size I trade, so instead of looking at my previous posts to find what I believe you called "insights" please contribute to the thread with useful information. By the way this in not a stab at you, but the style of posting that many on you guys use at this site. Don't waiste your time and mine, PLEASE.

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    Busted. Then he reasons it's the anal people on this site that makes him not post. Now that's funny.

    Good job da-man. Weed'um all out I say.
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    This gertsman fellow is obviously the "real deal". Nice to know there are serious traders on ET.
  9. no need to get defensive. just saw the conflicting posts and asked a simple, not threatening question. that's a lot of volume and you've been a member here for two years and don't have any posts with any substance, so just asked.

    also, if someone is a bigger trader than i, what's wrong with trying to see how that person trades?
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    I think you're the anal person with your post.
    If you're gonna post stupid comments and get
    upset when people ask you about it, you need
    some help.

    If you don't have anything positive to contribute besides
    your worthless sarcasm and bragging, then don't
    bother posting. And when people ask simple questions,
    you get all defensive.
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