$100 000 in a year

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  1. I heard that $100K a year is considered a very big salary in US.Is that true?
  2. Plenty of union guys made that working for the big 3 in Detroit.
  3. can you explain please,who are the union guys and the big 3?
  4. People who drive american made pick up trucks, have tailgate parties at football games and watch nascar.
  5. Ah..ok..100K is enough then to have tailgate parties..
  6. A $100k salary is very big anywhere. You are not going to be driving a ferrari on that income or partying like a rock star, but you will be able to live in a decent neighborhood and drive a nice car and eat steak every night. :)
  7. Yes,in Russia as well.But what is 100K in US, is 200K in Russia.
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    Well, in quite a few cities with this kind of money, especially before tax, if you want to live in a good neighbourough it will be in a shoebox, if you want to afford anything decent next to your accomodation.
  9. $400/day after 1 week of vacation(in addition to numerous holidays). That's how I look at it.
  10. The majority of the US doesnt live in those expensive cities, though. Obviously $100k doesnt go as far in NYC as it does in San Antonio, TX. But all countries seem to have at least 1 expensive city(at least by the standards of the locals in those countries).
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