$100,000. 00 for a system, if you don't got $, don't bother

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by apak, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. apak


    100 k for a system that cuts loses short and lets winner run

    system can double 100 k in 3 months

    if you ain't got proper money, then you belong here as much as you belong in Porsche dealership
  2. apak


    buyer has to hand over money based on faith

    system will not be given away for free

    system will not be tested for you thus giving it away for free

    if you don't want the system that is fine because the seller does NOT NEED YOU

    seller (me) is a trader, does not live from selling
  3. Bob111


    how about some numbers?
  4. ATLien


    Does it involve fading stocktrader?
  5. apak


    please read post number two in this thread

    thank you
  6. apak


    I refuse to believe that anyone can be that stupid, I think stocktrader is just messin with all of us
  7. but from flipping burgers I imagine

    This is a funny thread.
  8. apak


    please leave the Porsche dealership or we can have security escort you out
  9. Considering risk management is the first thing a trader should analyze before taking a trade, this "trade" just sucks from the start.

    #10     Nov 18, 2008